Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'm worried about my on-line purchase, can you reassure me?
A: We have been in business since 1991. Alot of other websites can be vague with their address, only offer a mobile or local number and operate from a home address. We offer all these details on our contact page and we are situated within genuine trade premises on a business estate.

Q: How can I pay for my order?
A: You can pay using PayPal or any Credit/Debit Card using Secure Trading.

Q: Will the kits fit through my letter box?
A: The Aerosol Kits will not fit through your letter box, however you will receive a 60 minute time slot from the courier to take delivery. The Touch Up Kits are sent in a box that measures L 210mm x H 60mm x W 145mm.

Q: When will my kit be delivered?
A: Please refer to the Delivery Information Page.

Q: Can I return my order if I don't need it any longer?
A: Sorry no, all colours are mixed to order when your order is received.

Q: How will I know when my order has been dispatched?
A: When your order has left us you will receive an automated email from our website.

Q: How do I know if you have my colour in stock?
A: We do not hold stock of any colour, we mix all colours as and when the order is received.

Q: What if I can't find my paintcode?
A: Don't worry, just supply your FULL registration number and we will find it for you.

Q: Can I place an order over the phone?
A: All orders need to placed through the website, this is so there are no mistakes when taking down your address, paint code or payment details.

Q: How do I clean the brushes?
A: The ideal cleaning product is cellulose thinners, you can also use white spirit and even nail varnish remover.

Q: Where are my brushes?
A: You will find the brushes underneath the poly box insert.

Q: Do you get instructions with the kit?
A: All kits come with an instruction leaflet. There is also a PDF version on the downloads tab on the product pages which you can view and print.

Q: Do I need to buy the kit with the clear coat lacquer?
A: All of our colours are mixed in base coat form which mean they need a clear coat lacquer applying after application of the colour. The lacquer gives a gloss finish and more importantly protects the paint.

Q: Why are my bottles not full in my touch up bottles?
A: We put our products in oversized bottles to make application easier and more importantly not so prone to spillage.

Q: Why do the touch up kits come with additional brushes?
A: There are brushes attached to the lids of the colour and clear lacquer but in our opinion they are not good enough for accurate application of the products.

Q: How long will the products last?
A: We advise that you keep our products in a damp and frost free environment. Make sure you invert the aerosol can to clean the nozzle once used. Make sure the lids of the bottles are screwed on tightly and that the thread is clean. 

Q: Can I collect my order from you if I live locally?
A: Yes of course, we have a trade counter and we will be happy to see you. Please ring to make sure your order is ready before you set off.

Q: Can I get a primer to go with my touch up kit?
A: Unless used very quickly once opened a primer will start to lose its ability to work effectively. We have tested this over a small period of time and found that the longevity of the product in bottle form was unacceptable.

Q: What does Basecoat and Lacquer mean?
A: The image to the right is a diagram of how a standard paint finish is achieved.

  • Metal Structure of the vehicle.
  • The primer is then applied to the metal.
  • The base coat colour is then applied.
  • The clear coat lacquer finishes the process giving the final gloss finish and U.V. resistance.
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