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Refinish Systems Ltd respects the privacy of all visitors to our website. Our privacy policy explains how any data is collected and stored as well as how we might use it.


Refinish Systems Ltd will only collect any personal information (name, address, telephone number, email address etc) through the website if you have consented to provide 
it to us by agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you do not want us to collect your personal data please do not submit it to us.

When you do consent to provide us with your personal data, it may be used in the following ways;

For research and development (analysis / product improvement)
To contact you regarding Refinish Systems Ltd's products and special offers
To provide summary usage statistics on the website and for general marketing purposes


We also collect usage information when you connect to our site that is of a technical nature but that does not identify you personally. 
We collect this information in order to learn about the platforms that our audience use and to further develop the website. 
The sort of information that we might collect includes (but is not limited to) Internet browser used, IP address, operating system used, site linked from, entry / exit page.


Refinish Systems Ltd may make use of Cookies which is a file of information which we store on your computer to identify you to the site. 
The cookie is used to improve your future visits to Refinish Systems Ltd because it enables us to potentially provide you with information most relevant to you. 
We understand that you may object to this and therefore do not insist that you enable your cookies and indeed the site works perfectly well without them. 
Please refer to your individual browser's help file for instructions regarding how to disable cookies.


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Place of registration: Cardiff

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